Land and sea

Land and sea. I could do with a bit of this right now!

From 2013 a sea kayak paddle along the coast between Barbate and Los Caños de Meca with @jamesvejer , around 11km. And the road route through the national park as seen on the map in photo 2. Beautiful coastline and some challenging hills on the road. It’s usually too hot to cycle in late afternoon, but going into the evening, you get the wonderful spicy scent of the curry plant hanging in the air through the park. Spanish roads in this region are excellent, but watch out for the tiny dry thistles which gather on the edge of the road in the wind. Take a puncture kit!

James is owner of the Califa Hotel in Vejer de la Frontera. You can see him preparing some very quick Spanish dishes on the hotel Facebook page @califavejer – all in Spanish, but so simple you will understand from the video.

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