Finding orchids

Orchids – last posting for #nationalgardeningweek.

No specific memory attached to these images, I just love finding orchids. They’re often really sneaky and if you go out looking for them, there’s a fair chance you won’t see any. But then completely unexpectedly, you’ll stumble across one, usually hidden amongst it’s surroundings.

1. First image is a Common spotted orchid. I found this on a footpath just off the M40 outside of London.

2. Mirror Orchid, this one I found in scrubland in Spain.

3. Bee orchid. Tom Hoblyn found this in a garden he designed in Suffolk. In a horse paddock, there was a small group of around three plants.

4. A commercially available orchid, in a garden border labelled ‘dactylorhiza’. Half of the name is missing, but I guess it will get you in the ball park. Maybe one day I will attempt to grow some.

Happy hunting after lockdown folks! 🙂


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